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 Elpark Financial LLC is a North Carolina Limited Liability Company. It exclusively provides tax and management advisory services. It does not provide compilation, review and audit services. Elpark Financial LLC is not a Certified Public Accounting firm and does not hold itself out as such. . 

Our Qualifications_


  • 40 years experience with the firm including 20 years as a partner. 
  • Served as the eastern North Carolina leader of the Emerging Business Services specialist group providing advice and guidance to growing business.
  • Served as a reorganization, bankruptcy, and litigation adviser to a significant number of companies. Significant experience in testifying in such matters. 
  • Served as a specialist in the automotive, retail, insurance, agribusiness, Manufacturing and Distribution.


     • Automotive dealerships– investor, owner and dealer principle
     • Service business – owner manager CPA firm
     • Real estate – investor, development and construction
     • Farms – investor, owner and operator/management

Elton C. Parker, Jr. CPA's full complement of experience makes him well equipped to meet the long-term economic and professional needs of the largest multinational corporate giants, as well as those of our many emerging growth companies. We use an integrated approach that combines functional expertise with industry knowledge. 

Elpark Financiala LLC - Our Services:


We have experience in strategic planning and organizational structures. Experienced in helping clients in approach and resolve difficult situations through effective strategies or organizational structures. We bring the knowledge and skills to meet our clients' needs in addressing these areas. Companies should periodically step back and evaluate their long-term future to avoid managing solely on a day-to-day basis. 


 We have experience in defining business operational and profitability problems. Once those problems are effectively analyzed and defined, we bring the knowledge and skills to assist our clients in addressing these problems and defining solutions to get the business back on track. We bring basic practical problems resolutions to our clients 


 We have experience in analysis of the financial needs and capacities of growing businesses and companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, development of organization plans. Our significant experience in financial modeling, evaluating results of these models and then properly presenting this in a clear and concise document can help sent the company in a proper course.  


 We can assistance in developing and executing corporate financial strategies and arranging and structuring financial transactions. We assist the client in structuring capital with financial institutions, venture capitalist, and investors. If you are considering a change in business practices, procedures, or need assistance in evaluation potential acquisition and dispositions, our merger and acquisitions services can benefit you. We can evaluate existing and /or projected business functions with an understanding of the total company. We are also eager to help you in projecting your needs for better business and financial planning. Companies should follow proper due diligence procedures when merging, buying or selling any business.  


 We have experience in provide reorganization and bankruptcy services to our clients. The Managing Member has led various engagements, both within and without of court supervision, where the company had to make significant changes in its operations in order to survive. He had testified numerous times and worked with some of the largest bankruptcies in North Carolina.  


 We provide litigation advisory services, having served in this capacity numerous times before both within state (North Carolina and New York) and federal district courts as well as US Bankruptcy courts. Such services include review of damage claims, financial operations and other financial matters.  

Elpark Financial LLC - Elton C. Parker, Jr.


Elton C. Parker Jr.


As a firm, we have significant service experience, which combines management, accounting and entrepreneurial experience that give us the expertise to meet the future with the understanding and experience of the past.

This professional viewpoint brings a creative service approach to our work with your management. We can do this because we have a keen understanding of your competitive environment, reporting requirements, regulatory relationships, tax issues and the industry in which you operate. This perspective enables us to see trends, anticipate opportunities, provide knowledgeable assistance, and make strong recommendations. 

Contact - eparker@elpark.com or call at 919-215-7161